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Further Interest
The Other Half of Sherlock Holmes
Fic Rec: Lorem Ipsum series 
12th-Aug-2011 08:33 am
Fic: Lorem Ipsum series by Saathi1013

Pairings: Sarah/John/Sherlock, passing mentions of Molly/Anthea, Mycroft/Lestrade and Harry/Clara

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: violence (including attempted rape), BDSM, references to addiction and PTSD

Spoilers: All three episodes of BBC Sherlock.

Comments: This is a series of 8 stories, totalling over 40,000 words. The first one is a very hot threesome fic, but later stories end up being about the characters' activities out of bed as much as in it, as they work together on cases (including one involving Irene Adler) and face the threat of Moriarty. I'm reccing this for its skilful treatment of Sarah, who Saathi makes into a strong, brave and intelligent woman, without her becoming an unrealistic superwoman.

Note: for those who prefer femslash, Saathi has also done a couple of (very good) fics pairing Anthea and Molly.
12th-Aug-2011 06:02 am (UTC)
I'll cheerfully second this recommendation. The Sarah in these stories is a woman you can easily seeing as a match for John, and for Sherlock too, once the offer is made. And the smutty parts are exquisitely hot.
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